The Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts
2021 Design Thesis Undergraduate Exhibition

As digital natives in a newly digital world, we find ourselves examining history, and ourselves, as things unfold. In the face of abrupt and dramatic changes in political, social, and environmental structures this year, we found an opportunity to grow, adapt, and overcome. Our practice gives us a platform to let things just happen and see where it takes us.

This exhibition is the product of a year’s worth of research, resilience, and revolution. We explored themes of self-reflection, social commentary, accepting change, and expanding on different perspectives, in work framed and influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Things Just Happened is the first Mason Gross Design Thesis exhibition to be created entirely on and for remote platforms.

Who Made it Happen

Identity: Jael Bae, Ariel Chen, Rabiah Khan, Sophia Krantz Design: Kelly Carmack, Catie Esposito, Xinyi Huang, Jamie Noor, Steve Tomori, Alexa Williamson Coding: Andrew Burger, Josie Heibel, Ken Lin, Valerie Lozano, Anna Pittas, Sarah Poon, Hope Shrader, Pauline Yanes Content: Ed Ge, Sam McGriff, Maximillian Holmgren, Matt Simonetti Object: Conor Finn, Remy Hill, Jenna MacNeill, Alexa Reyes, Luiza Smajlaj, Grace Taylor Social Media: Alex Eisen, Chrissy Papanier, Maggie McGuire, Yuchao Wang Publicity: Derek Li, Marinelle Manansala, Elizabeth Pina, Nick Plyler Advisors: Aarati Akkapeddi (Tech), Sophie Auger (TA), Jackie Thaw, Asad Pervaiz.